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Lady Scot (Paperback)

Lady Scot Cover Image
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Mairi MacAdaidh is done with Scotsmen. They don't know their head from their arse, and they break your heart without realizing what they've done. She's off to London to find a manageable Sassenach to wed.

Connall Aberbeag has loved one woman for the whole of his life, and she's a feisty, frustrating lass determined to go her own way. It's not right that a future duke must chase the woman he wants all the way to London, but that's what he does. He faces down highwaymen and fops, greedy women and his own wayward cousin only to find that Mairi is immune to all his persuasions.

What a rollicking tussle of wills But when the glitter is stripped away, what remains are two hearts finding their way to one another. Unless one zigs while the other zags. Then neither will find the lady Scot's most secret desire.

Lords of the Masquerade

Book 1 - Lord Lucifer

Book 2 - Lord Satyr

Book 3 - Lord Ares

Book 4 - Lord Scot

Book 5 - Lady Scot

Book 6 - Almost a Scot

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956003918
ISBN-10: 1956003916
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 220
Language: English