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Addicted (Paperback)

Addicted Cover Image
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They come at dusk in a cloak of sensuality. They embody our darkest fears and our most erotic fantasies. Enter their immortal world--and surrender to their seduction. . .
Once Bitten
Once a lawman, now a vampire, Jake Brand still likes to play fair. So he fulfills his need for blood by giving his victims intense sexual pleasure. The scent of their lust intoxicates him, making the taste of the liquid heat pulsing through their bodies even more desirable. But then he meets Athena who threatens his self-control and makes him wonder if he has finally found the woman who can bring him to his knees in submission. . .
Bitten After Dark
After centuries of being a vampire, Thomas Ward has learned to satisfy his bloodlust without harming his victims. Instead he brings them to the peak of sexual ecstasy and then savors the taste of their hot passion as it explodes throughout their body. But now he's met a woman who tempts him like no other, who may be able to offer the one thing in the world he seeks--total surrender--if only he can trust her. . .

Product Details
ISBN: 9780758228451
ISBN-10: 0758228457
Publisher: Aphrodisia
Publication Date: September 1st, 2008
Pages: 358
Language: English